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Cantina Di Solopaca Aglianico 750ML

In Southern Italy, just north of Naples lies the wine region of Sannio. The red wines are often made from Aglianico and sourced from hillside vineyards. Cantina di Solopaca is one of the most well-regarded cooperative wineries in the area and they assist a number of small grower-farmers with a route to market by buying their fruit and then making the wine at the state-of-the-art coop facilities. Aglianico is full-bodied and structured with lots of tannin, grip, and good aging potential. Dark fruit, richness, and concentration are key components of Aglianico wines.  

Not for the faint of the heart, these wines pair well with bold flavours, such as roast meats, game dishes, goulash or stew, and aged cheeses.


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