About Us

What is doortender?

Doortender is a retail alcohol and technology start-up based in Red Deer, Alberta that provides on-demand alcohol delivery with $0 delivery fees and competitive prices. Customers use the Doortender platform (web, iOS App, or Android App) to place orders online and receive their delivery within 20-60 minutes.

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, sitting by the fire with friends, or just relaxing, Doortender has got you covered. Complete your alcohol shopping right at your fingertips and watch as it gets delivered straight to your door. No more traffic, no more lineups, and definitely no more forgetting to bring your reusable bag.


How is delivery free?

Many people wonder how Doortender can provide affordably priced alcohol delivery without a delivery fee. Doortender accomplishes this by focusing all of its efforts on keeping its operational costs low, including using technology to digitize the retail experience for customers. As a result, all these savings can be passed on to the customer – you – meaning no delivery fees and competitive prices. We’re immensely proud of this at doortender.


Our Story

Doortender was founded by several friends who were impacted by COVID. They were frustrated by not being able to easily access alcohol, especially when they saw affordable delivery services for other types of good, such as groceries.

Seeing a need in the community, they decided to build and launch Doortender in Red Deer. Using technology to digitize the entire alcohol buying and delivery experience, their goal was to keep costs as low as possible for their customers.