Holiday Wine Guide: 12 of our best bottles under $20

If anyone tells you good wine doesn't exist at an affordable price - they're wrong.

Good wine doesn't need to break the bank. That's why we pulled together our best wines under $20 for this holiday season.



1. Anciano Gran Reserva Tempranillo 7 Year Old

Spain | $15.99

A fantastic Tempranillo with a host of awards under its belt, this wine is one of the best under $20 wines in the Alberta liquor stores right now. You'll know you made a good choice when you get your first hit of vanilla oak when you pour it.


2. Sun & Air Sauvignon Blanc

South Africa | $15.99

Another bargain wine, this time from coastal South Africa. This Sauvignon Blanc is crisp and refreshing with lots of tropical fruit notes. Its freshness is perfect for a light fish or vegetarian dinner.


3. Cigar Box Pinot Noir

Chile | $17.99

One of our favourite Chilean wines at Doortender, Cigar Box is always a crowd pleaser (and a great gift). It has a nice ruby colour with notes of cherry and violets and hints of pepper and earth. Ideal for a roasted chicken or turkey dinner.


4. Mionetto Il Prosecco

Italy | $19.99

An eye-catching bottle, and frankly, a fantastic prosecco for the price point. Change things up this holiday season by bringing a new sparkling to the party. Plus, who doesn't like a prosecco with a bottle cap?


5. Porcupine Ridge Syrah

South Africa | $17.99

A lesser-known winery, but absolutely worth trying. A robust red wine that pairs well with a heavy meal such as sausages or pork. Expect lots of red fruit, spice, and smoke.


6. Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand | $18.92

A hugely popular wine - for good reason. So popular in fact that Red Deer liquor stores are having trouble keeping it in stock. Might be worth picking up a case this holiday season to make sure you're well stocked.


7. Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling

United States | $16.99

Known for its unique bottle art, Kung Fu Girl is another incredible value wine. Fun fact, the winemaker made this wine specifically to be paired with Asian food. So keep it in mind next time you're shopping around for your Asian takeout.


8. Casillero Del Diablo Malbec

Chile | $15.99

Few other countries can produce top notch wines at this price range as consistently as Chile, and this Malbec is no exception. Expect aromas of rich cassis and hints of wood smoke. Pair with red meat.


9. Masi Modello Merlot

Italy | $15.99

A truly pleasant merlot-based red that is dry, light to medium bodied, and overall well balanced. We love this wine because it's an easy drinking wine and is super food friendly.


10. Lab Red Blend

Portugal | $15.99

A slightly uncommon blend, but a fantastic one for the price point. If you're a fan of red blends, this is a great wine to pick up for a Friday night.


11. Cono Sur Organic Cabernet/Carmenere

Chile | $18.99

Known for its organic and climate neutral winery, Cono Sur is one of Chile's most recognized brands. This Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Syrah blend is very fruity on both nose and palate.


12. Bread & Butter Cabernet Sauvignon

United States | $19.99

A consistent, smooth, and genuinely well-balanced Cabernet Sauvignon. Bread & Butter winery has taken the Canadian wine shops by storm with its incredibly popular wine lineup.