Our Top 15 Craft Beer Picks for Fall 2021

Like it or love it, fall is here. And even though it’s time to trade the sunscreen for a blanket, we at least get to change up our craft beer shopping lists from light and summery to richer ales with a seasonal flair.

Malt, pumpkin, maple, and other fall flavors always find their way onto local beer lists and liquor store shelves this time of year. But, there's so much more to fall craft than just these flavours.

From rich, sweet ales to hard ciders and stouts, we rounded up our favourite fall craft drinks to help you kickoff your fall liquor shopping and fridge stocking. Some of which are from local breweries right here in Central Alberta!

1.  Pumpkin Beers

    Pumpkin isn’t just for pies and spiced lattes, they also make great seasonal craft beers. Try one around the dinner table with friends and family, or get one delivered if you’re just looking for something new after work.

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      2.  Ciders

        Okay okay, technically it isn’t beer, but Ciders are a great alternative to beer, especially in the fall. Plus, Alberta makes some great local ciders to shop from.

        And if you’re one of the unfortunate folks whose body simply refuses beer, ciders are typically gluten free. This makes them a great alternative to craft beer while still offering a crisp, refreshing drink.

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        3.  Ales

          Malty, mild, and sweet – Red and Brown Ales bring rich flavours and deep colors that matche the leaves on the ground outside. They really are a perfect fall beer.

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          4.  Bold IPAs

          The low alcohol percentage session ales of summer are now being replaced by bigger and bolder, double and triple IPAs. These India Pale Ales bring big hoppy flavours – perfect for heavier fall dinners. The alcohol percentage also helps warm you up around the fire on those chilly fall evenings.

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          5.  Porters & Stouts

          As much as you wanted a Porter or Stout in the summer, it just didn’t seem right to reach for one on a hot day. But, now that autumn is here, sours and lighter fruity summer beers are pushed aside in the fridge to make way for darker and more filling beers (they’re also easier to find front and center in your local liquor store).

          Porters and Stouts offer a richer, heavier craft beer, often complemented with notes of coffee, caramel, and chocolate.

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          Got a favourite fall craft beer? Let us know!


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